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Thread: Are Montreal francophone women more liberal when it comes to non-white guys ?

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    Are Montreal francophone women more liberal when it comes to non-white guys ?

    As a non white guy with out the ability to speak much french, I still find it easy to get a date with francophone women compared to white girls in Calgary (where i moved from).

    Are Montreal girls more liberal then rest of Canada when it comes to dating people from different ethnic groups ?


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    Whoever bring any hint of politics in this thread will get suspended for 1 month.

    This is the one and only warning.

    MtlJay, this warning isn't because of your post, it's because I know what will follow if I don't stop it before it start.


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    Quote Originally Posted by mtljay View Post
    As a non white guy with out the ability to speak much french, I still find it easy to get a date with francophone women compared to white girls in Calgary (where i moved from).
    Doesn't your statement answer your own question?
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    Mod 11 is worried about the play on words in the title.

    I don't think Montreal girls are any more liberal to different races than say girls from Toronto.

    Any city that has a melting pot of races will eventually have some mixing and matching, more for the person you are than your color.
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    I initially thought that way, but later I realized that it is easy to find dates when you are new to a place because of the excitement of being in a new place. Once you get settled in, a person gets into a mold and becomes risk averse. Once you get used to same people and faces, it is difficult to find people interesting and you don't get excited about people around you. Two years down the road, you will not think that way.

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    Thread cleaned.

    The words "non-white" "white", "french", francophone" and the killer word "compare", all combined, were an open door. I closed it.

    Back to topic.

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    Big Daddy;
    That is a very good way to put it. I wouldn't say risk averse but you tend to get complacent and starts to fit into a comfort zone. Then you take things for granted somewhat and things will wane and slide. This is because in a new environment like moving to a new city you want to explore and experience everything there is about it. Once you find what you like and don't like you start to filter things out and narrow things down. That is where you also fall into routine(s). That is why when SPs visit my city they get all excited about it and I am like ehhh... yeah it's there. Then when I visit their city I get all excited about this and that and the SP would be ehhhh... yeah it's there.

    What I can say is that it is more easy to strike something up with the opposite sex in Montreal. At the supermarket, doing laundry, at the gym, or any other typical day activity. Will it lead to something? Maybe or maybe not but she will respond to you and some will even meet you half way. Can't say that in some of the cities I have been and lived in.
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    What exactly is the point of this thread ?

    Unless you are a non-white guy of dating age who has experience with both francophone women and white women in Calgary how are you supposed to answer or even have a meaningful opinion. Secondly this pre-supposes that francophone women of all ages in Montreal, Chicoutimi, Quebec City or Herouxville are all equally "Liberal". Thirdly what is meant by "liberal" ? Does it really mean open to dating non-whites? Or does it mean something else ?

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    Actually im from the usa and ill tell you it happens here but not like it does in montreal and the rest of canada
    however, they are not more liberal especially escorts. The two escorts i saw told me they would not go with blacks because they said they are do not know how to treat a woman.

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    I'm also non-white, non-french-speaking and originally from Calgary. I have to say I have no luck getting dates from women in either city!

    I kind of know what you're saying but you left out the part that you're specifically talking about white women, I think.

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    I moved to MTL from Calgary after a divorce thus i have been aggressive in my dating how ever I find the girls here are more approachable then the girls from Calgary for a non white guy.
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    Lily from Montreal
    Guest far as Quebec goes there is Montreal and the rest of the province and it is two different entities, some of the very french, very white cities of my Belle Province has never seen a black guys in their lives...and are still the most prejudiced persons you'll find... while Montreal is more welcoming...of course as in everything there is exception

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    Hell ya! Montreal women are just more open-minded in general. They are more approachable, flirtatious, and friendly. If you have fluent French, the color of your skin is not very relevant to them. Gotta love Quebec women!

    Having also lived in Calgary, I found the shit-kicking white cowboy chicks would not give me the time of day. I terminated my work contract and got the F outta Calgary within 6 months.

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