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Thread: Rates' decrease... And not that many new girls...

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    Rates' decrease... And not that many new girls...

    Is it me or do the prices decrease for a few months ? A lot of rebates and specials, new agencies with very competitive rates, even Indies rates are lower...

    Is it a question of season or does the market really slow down ?

    Did the prices increase too much ? So is it a logical bear correction of the market ?

    I also noticed that new talent are not as many as they used to be... There is the new GG star of course, but except for her...

    Are the 2 phenomenon linked ?
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    But there has been an increase of supply as well, but the demand remained the same. But the supply went off the roof like crazy in the last five years.

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    i'm not local....but i recall that queens of spade (agency) had rates set at 180 about 3 years, they are at 240 or 250!
    i have no idea why, since their girls don't seem all that different from say goodgirls or xxxtase.

    other agencies have remained at or near 180 based on my experience/research.

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    I tough Queen of Spades was closed.. didn't see them advertise here for a long

    As for your question, i don't know... one thing for sure, when i started 4 years ago there was not as many big time agencies as now...

    There so much agencies now the choice is crazy so if you got so many choices, then rebate and specials are something than can bring the customers.
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