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Thread: Newbie question but why is incall cheaper than outcall?

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    Newbie question but why is incall cheaper than outcall?

    I checked out some agencies but it seems that the trend is that incall is cheaper than outcall.
    For example googgirls advertises incalls in downtown hotel.
    Why would u pay more + hotel expenses when they offer incall at downtown hotel cheaper.

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    We all have different reasons. The most obvious, to me, is the fact that a lot of hobbyists live elsewhere. I, for one, have my motel paid by the guy I work for, when I go to Montreal. I either fly in or show up in a vehicle that can't be driven downtown, and am at the mercy of public transit or taxi to get to an incall place. It is a lot easier to pay for outcall and about a break even on expenses, by the time you pay for a taxi. Besides that you get to answer the door in your birthday suit.
    As far as it being cheaper, the agency doesn't have to pay a driver, pay for gas, etc. Kinda stands to reason, IMHO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetwater View Post
    As far as it being cheaper, the agency doesn't have to pay a driver, pay for gas, etc. Kinda stands to reason, IMHO.
    But they have to pay for the incall apartment. Although with incall, they don't waste time going back and forth between places. I don't know for agencies, but for many Indies they will charge more for incall or outcall depending on which they prefer.
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    An Sp can see more guys during the same period of work,they don't lose time with travel from place to place.

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    Lily from Montreal
    When I used to offer incall, for me it stand to reason that if the room cost me 40 my rate would be 40 higher,why make less per meeting since an indy incall is not ,usually, her own apartment .
    So for me the incall meeting meant the same travel as outcall except I provide the room...for me it was very logical(!) but I lost count of the guys who argued and wanted to pay less..
    I eventually lost patience and interest and stopped offering it altogether...I still don't get it , why a incall lady should make less per meeting ? I guess for agencies girls they do not get less since the cost of the room is shared amongst numerous meeting and girls and compare to the cost of the driver the agency makes a profit out of it but for a lady like me it is bonnet blanc et blanc bonnet...
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    Do clients in general receive more quality time during a 1 hr incall? Or is it about the same as outcall?

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    @garotalover: it's ymmv. it all depends on the girl and most of the time, chemistry. it doesn't matter if it's incall or outcall really

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    Lily from Montreal
    I can see from M.Black incall experience that there is a huge difference in indy's incall and agency's...sorry guys but really you are ok with meeting girls who see 8 guys a day? 16? wow...or burk...

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    The same reason why Au Coq Chicken charges you more for delivery than when you pick up.

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    Lily from Montreal
    I don't know if I should salute her or be tired on her behalf lol
    Jay: i use metro so no driver involve....but yes a lot of time wasted...

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    Outcalls waste a lot of time coming and going, the incall can take one client per hour and is much more efficient.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charles Darwin View Post
    The same reason why Au Coq Chicken charges you more for delivery than when you pick up.
    Ah Cock a great name for an all male escort agency.

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    Lily from Montreal
    Hum,I've never associated sex with efficency...and when someone meets once a day, if that(!) going to a incall location or a outcall is the same...

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    Incall is cheaper because they totally save driving fees, and can work a lot better the calls duration... they know when the guys will arrive(unless he is late, wich is rare), and when he is gonna leave. Also the situation depends from an agency to another, remember guys that they don't always use hotel room for incall... they can use condos that they own or such... Also incall mean they can remain close to assure girls security.... On the part of an agency owner, i can totally understand how incall can be a good thing.

    On the part of the client, incall is good if your a laval/longeuil guy(they usually hate driving there, especially for 1 hour, they loose money), or simple somebody who don't want his home to be known by escort agencies... or a maried men... no trace of renting... can go during business hours etc.. If like me, your out of town of MTL , you can make the trip, see your girl, leave right after... no hotel to pay... It does offer some advantage...

    But as my PERSONAL preference, i usually rent my hotel room, cause when i am in MTL, i go see friends at the same time... I make the trip, see my girl, go at my friends place, or go out with them, i don't have to always ask for there couch... and one big advantage i do love, i can prepare myself freely without pressure...

    I can go in the shower, take it relax watching TV or such while i wait for the knock on the door. I don't have to take cab/subway or whatever trying to find the place... making sure to be on time... then having to take a rushed shower... being sweaty and all(summer especially) because i walked to the place or something and not having time to cool down properly... Im in my OWN hotel room, with AC and relaxing...

    Honestly i LOVE outcalls, so much im willing to loose 80-100$ on the room to see a girl, just to be in my stuff, all of the BEFORE like i mentioned... but also the after... When im done with a girl, if it was intense and really cool, im usually empty... sweaty, well you get the picture... when she leave i can take a shower, or just relax on the bed... whatever... something i could not do with a incall...

    For ME PERSONALLY, outcall is my prefered method...

    I can understand agencies offering incalls, it can be really usefull for clients, but i must admit it really bothers me that some agencies do NOT offer outcalls, no matter if your right in the downtown area or not... I could understand an agency saying "if you want our girl to go to laval, add 30$, or book 2 hours", im aware it make them loose money and how unconvenient it can be... but seriously if your in the downtown area... cmon... 5 min drive... not like your gonna loose that much...
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