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Thread: Canadian National Anthem At Habs Leafs Game

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    Canadian National Anthem At Habs Leafs Game

    Maybe it's just me but I was like WTF at the singing of the canadian national anthem at the habs leafs game tonight.

    I can't believe they had the crowd sing the canadian national anthem here in Quebec!!!

    I'm sure there were people there that refused to sing the anthem for obvious reasons.

    Imagine if Pauline would have been at the game. Her reaction would have been priceless....
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    What am I missing here? Don't they sing the Canadian National Anthem before every sporting event in Quebec or at least every Habs game at the Bell Centre?
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    not sure why TheDon thinks otherwise...the Canadian national anthem is always sung at the Bell Centre. Only difference being that no one was chosen to sing the anthem...they asked the crowd to do the honours...which they did loudly and proudly...Yay Habs!

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    Canada-haters in Quebec are actually a small minority. Small, but vocal. Unfortunately, that small minority of separatists gives the rest of Quebecers a bad name.

    Since a large portion of the crowd at Leafs/Habs games at the Bell Center often cheer for the Toronto team, it wasn't much of a risk for the organization to use that format (fans singing the national anthem), which i've seen used several times in Toronto.

    One thing that is being done regularly at Leafs games in Toronto is that at the midway point of the game, they honor one of Canada's soldiers in attendance. A few years ago, that program was started by Luke Schenn as "Luke's Troops". Since his departure, i believe Joffrey Lupul took over the program.

    What i'm saying is that i'm surprised this still hasn't been done at the Bell Center, since many Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan are from Quebec, and many who gave their lives also happen to be proud Quebecers.

    All in all, it was a nice gesture on the part of the organization last night, and it was encouraging to see most of the fans all singing the national anthem together.

    The only negative was the final outcome of the game.

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    I was at the game last night and everything went smoothly for the anthem singing. Of course some were more vocal then others but sometimes it has nothing to do with political views but more with personal confort to sing in public.

    I describe myself as a soft-separatist attached to a Harper-free Canada and i was invited by a friend who is a true federalist so i respecfully sang.

    As Doc Holliday said, it was a good opportunity to do that with the maple leafs in town. Also they did not have to perform the american national anthem which could be problematic to ask a canadian crowd to sing it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reverdy View Post
    Maybe they wanted to avoid having a singer doing something like this:
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    whats a CLF then?
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