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Thread: Copenhagen , DK - Anyone with hobby experience ?

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    Copenhagen , DK - Anyone with hobby experience ?

    As luck would have it, I'll be spending the rest of the summer in Copenhagen, DK.
    The women are absolutely gorgeous, and there are plenty of local escort guides and websites...
    They mostly look like B&S.

    Any fellow merbites have any experience or recommendations? Thanks!

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    No practical personal experience, but I did a quick search on TER, and these brothels/agencies had reviews in which the girls were hot, even if the service did not quite seem to be up to Montreal standards. The first agency had a girl who did BBBJ but no CIM, and the second agency had a girl who did CBJ. That of course does not mean that every girl there is the same, but at least you know that these places are legitimate, have menus, and you will get CFS. And it is nice to check out a brothel every once in a while, since Canada does not have those. The menu at these Copenhagan brothels is pretty damn impressive, with anal, S&M, etc. so I presume if a guy spends a lot, he can probably get a lot.

    In addition to the few reviews on, there will be a long thread on, but that site tends to attract the lower-budget johns who do not have quite the expectations that regular merb members have from escorts.

    In general, as I am sure you are aware, there are a lot of European countries, namely Germany, Spain and the Czech Republic that have a better sex industry at lower prices and less restrictive services than Northern Europe, so you might consider some trips on days off.

    Sorry for the long post with info you likely knew anyway. Hopefully others have real practical experience.

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