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Thread: What is the enticement that makes you want to toftt?or not?

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    What is the enticement that makes you want to toftt?or not?

    Hi all
    Since all SP's where debutante at some point,what is your enticement to try the newbie ,not reviewed ?
    The pics?
    The agency reputation?
    The text describing her?
    Her looks?
    Or simply you like the first reviewing?
    Or others?
    Warmest Regards

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    When I a see fantastic body combined with an open menu, that is very hard to resist...

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    The agency reputation is first criteria. The pictures and services listed is second. TOFTT is not as meaningfull as it is now... i realize there is way less reviewer these days compared to when i started, at least the core of MERB is still present but there is less "ocasional john" that review and much more lurkers... But interestingly it seem the business is MUCH MUCH more competitive these days. When you look at it some agencies have developed a very core of followers, and have established excellent customer services. While other agencies like MTL sex city for exemple kept the same good customer service over the years and are as reliable these days as they they where back then.

    Agencies of the old period have either died for some, or have been literaly fading away. I mean, look at Devilish/GOF, they where the top dogs when i started hobbying, lots and lots of reviews. Superstars in there agency as well with multiple pages review thread. These days you don't see much reviews anymore. YES i did said there is less reviewer than before, so of course its logic BUT some agencies still have there girls in page 1. Hell Asservissante wich i think don't even advertise on merb have the most girls right now on page 1 of outcall reviews lol. Thats because i supose(never used them personally) the agency kept a great reputation over the years.

    I remember devilish/gof had a lot of soso reviews, girls behaving not the best, but also lots of late arrivals. I supose they still have enough business because they still exist, but are they in top 5 agencies these days, nop, not at all. Been a long time i used them, maybe they did improved over the years, but my experiences back then where "late arrivals" as well.

    In any case, i wouldn't hesitate to TOFTT with some agencies, but with others i would be much more hesitant.
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    When I am not in Montreal and I am horny and I see a nice add on Backpage I can be enticed. Many times this was after I couldn't hook up with a well reviewed provider due to a scheduling conflicts. It has also happened after I was stood up by an Indy. I try not to resort to backpage this but it happens. Sometimes it works out.

    In Montreal I have no qualms about TOFTT with any of the established agencies. The worst that can happen is still probably better than the best that can happen in the Carolinas.

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    I look forward to the day when prostitutes offer lawn furniture as an enticement.

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    Pictures, agency rep, the possibility that she's new to the business

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    When I was new on merb, just the fact of being the first to review a lady was an enticement to try someone new. Now it's been a long time since I saw someone completely new. The thrill of exploration has been replaced with the satisfaction of cultivating my garden (those lawn ornaments add up after a while).
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    Essentially, it's the way the girl looks...More often than not, I've bee disappointed though...Some pictures are heavily photoshopped on certain websites, or they're not revealing some features, so sometimes the girl you meet..well..She's 20-30 pounds heavier or something like that...Or if she is actually as hot as her pics, she's too drunk or stoned or have a problem with her attitude...It has happened to me on some occasions...Still, once in a while I am positively surprised; it happened with Prascillia, from XXXception girls, for instance. Generally, I prefer to wait for someone else to take the risk I look closely at the reviews and then decide if I will see the girl or not. This gives me a better succes rate in terms of positive encounter (80 % vs 25 % I would say).

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