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Thread: When you first see the escort, best Wow factor.

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    Look behind you.

    When you first see the escort, best Wow factor.

    This is just at the very first minute(s), no sex yet.

    Mine would have to be Natascha from Good Girls a few years ago, when she opened the door and was in white bra and panties and her overall cuteness.
    Note: The wow did not go away for awhile.

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    Amelie of then Independent Network. She was my third SP I saw in the hobby. I was more into brunettes but she was blonde. She was naturally beautiful. I was literally floored. Second time around was Ophelie of French Courtesans/FKS/Indy. Third time was Amber of MGF. Fourth time was Sophia of MTLGFE. And Megan of Vogue.

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