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Thread: Beep, Beep, Your ass!

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    Beep, Beep, Your ass!

    To all those honking in the streets like morons!

    Beep on this!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SMACK APPEAL
    I can live with the honking....its cars being set ablaze, street rioting and vandalism I can't tolerate...Gee... I guess it must sure be a long time since the Montreal Canadians won anything

    How quickly we forget

    Horn honking, just some harmless fun and smiling faces

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    Lets not get racial on this one!

    It is not that the Italians won the world cup. It was all the honkers that bothered people after and before the finals. Whether it be an Italian, French, Ukrainiane, or Porugese supporter they all bothered people with their long lines of cars honking their horns at all hours of the night and day. many of these cars had creatons blowing hot air out of the holes in their faces as if they had won the soccer game themselves.
    All honkers are inconsiderate!

    To all honkers, put yous head in this:
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    Your post reminds me of a guy I know that when he gets rude service he send the manager of the place a envelope with a booger in it and the name of the rude employee, telling the manger that if he got rude service again from the smae employee that he would be getting a bigger delivery next time!

    By the way!

    We are all invited to Big Cool Daddys house to drive around his block and honk our horns. The party starts at 2:30 A.M.

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