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Thread: Hotel St. Denis opinions? Is it SP friendly?

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    Hotel St. Denis opinions? Is it SP friendly?

    After reading the MERB hotel list, it looks like Hotel St. Denis is close to several clubs.

    Has anybody stayed there?

    Is it SP friendly?

    Suggestions and comments would be appreciated. (I realize it's a budget hotel.)

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    Hello Mermhe,

    I stayed there on my first trip when I knew nothing at all. It is right at the corner of rue Ste. Catherine and rue St. Denis. If you just want a place to either walk and explore along the Latin Quarter or visit all the clubs along Rue Ste. Catherine you will be right at the crossroads with this hotel. The hotel is very simple and inexpensive. The rooms tend to be small but clean and comfortable. There is a fairly nice little restaurant in the hotel, but there are many nicer places to eat in the area.

    I did meet SPs there. I don't think there will be any issue with ladies walking in decently dressed. What the desk attendents don't know won't hurt them. Just tell the ladies to come up like they are staying there. I was told by an SP this is not a place they would prefer to go to, but it should not be an issue with most lesser price agencies. If you want to use higher rate agencies the hotel could be an issue.

    If you want a bit nicer place with a lot of room at low rates near Ste. Catherine try the La Tour Centre on Rene Levesque. The large suites are only about $75 CDN in April if you book on Expedia; about $100 CDN in the summer. Ste. Catherine is two blocks north, but it is 15 to 20 blocks west of St. Denis. It's not lavish but it has a very nice view from the rooms and the ladies know it well.

    If you are price conscious try browsing on If you are not worried about price, there are much better hotels in the area. Check out the Hotel Vogue if so...very nice but not at an extreme price. It's just a bit north of Ste. Catherine.


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