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Thread: Habs deal Samsonov to Hawks!!!

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    Habs deal Samsonov to Hawks!!!

    Samsonov is gone! Three cheers!!! Not the greatest deal but at least they are rid of his huge contract. He was traded for Jassen Cullimore and forward Tony Salmelainen. The habs said they would buy out Cullimore's contract and further evaluate Salmelainen. I guess that it will cost much less to buy out Cullimore than it would have Samsonov. Don't really know much about Salmelainen. Any thoughts?
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    Cullimore was making approximately half of Samsonov's contract, and when you buy out a player's contract, the salary cap hit is spread out over twice the length of the contract. In this case, since Cullimore had 1 year remaining, his 1.3 million contract will count $650k each this year and next. The Habs had intended to do the same to Samsonov, but would've been about a $1.75 million cap hit for each of the two years. Habs gain $1.1 million in cap space.

    Salmaleinen's one of those guys that scored in Europe, but hasn't had much success here yet. He's a restricted free agent, so I imagine whether or not the Habs keep him will depend on how much money he asks for. He could fill in as a 3rd/4th liner, but probably not much more. Like Koivu, and recent addition Janne Lahti, he's of Finnish descent.

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    Give your name for the scouting. I'm sure that you will help the club.

    LOL. I'm sure that the assistance would be higher.


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    Is it just me, dear fellows, or are we just about to have a team? We managed to get rid of Fag Rivet and Samsonov in the same 6 months... Oh god, does it smell like the cup or what???

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    It should be a challenge for your neighbours. LOL. Elbow checks, body checks and so on. Quite interesting to see . May be a better show than the one on the ice. LOL

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    Good job Bob Gainey - Good riddance Samsonov - now go out and get a good UFA to add some scoring help and a decent defense man to replace Souray wouldnt hurt either.
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