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Thread: Principles and Morals...can we truely have them if we stay in the hobby?

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    Principles and Morals...can we truely have them if we stay in the hobby?

    Quote Originally Posted by MG_mtl

    Dam principles!!!
    Its interesting that someone uses this word while partaking in this hobby.

    Quick listing of the definition:
    # a basic generalization that is accepted as true and that can be used as a basis for reasoning or conduct; "their principles of composition characterized all their works"
    # a rule or standard especially of good behavior; "a man of principle"; "he will not violate his principles"
    # rule of personal conduct

    Myself, always thought of principles as being the same as "morals"...but how can you have "morals" when your calling up an agency to send over a girl for money for sex? If you told your cousin or your sister or your neighbor that your doing you think they'd say "he has some high principles"? I doubt it. Why do you think we have 'handles' on the people we know in our private life wont know what we are doing in our spare time.

    Addiction is another word to define.

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    Talking What if............

    What if your principle is to have no principles? Then you would be true to your principles.

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    It's totally wrong. If I could have sex with escorts for free however, then that would be ok.

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    Service for money. I do that at my job.
    Just because there is sex involve doesn't make it any different.

    Morality is a system of principles and judgments based on cultural, religious, and philosophical concepts and beliefs. Just because some said it is right doesn't make it right. It use to be that going to the beach without covering your entire body wasn't right, now it is are we the worst for it?

    Principles are rules or standards, especially of good behavior. Is it wrong to have a good time between consenting people? Now if you cheat on your wife you are going to hell Please lighten up.

    We are guided and controlled by stupid rules that have been passed on by people with nothing better to do than to control other people behavior out of guilt, remorse for personal gain be it power or glory.

    You only live once as far as I am concerned, the one motto I go by is that as long as you don't hurt anyone, live and let live.



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    Smile Deux Advils et lisez la suite...

    Quote Originally Posted by eastender
    What if your principle is to have no principles? Then you would be true to your principles.
    Que le principe fondamental exige qu'on n'en ait pas n'exclue pas qu'on en ait puisque, par principe, on n'en a pas.

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    Viens d'avoir un doute sur le bon usage du mode subjonctif...

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    We're just human

    We are all just human. We have our flaws, we all have our good points and we all have our morals and principles. They just differ. Thank goodness for the variety. I'm thrilled we aren't all alike. Maybe it's just different situations, lifestyles and environments that breed different principles and morals. Because I'm an all around hobbyist can I say I'm principled and moral? In some ways absolutely, in others not at all. But I've learned to live with my shortcomings and live up to my strengths. ouch my head hurts, way too much philosophizing.

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    Principles and Morals and different things. You could have principle and not any morals (and vice versa).

    What if a person's principle is: I would do everything I can to further the success of my children?

    If he kills someone in order to get his children into higher education, is he moral? He did stand by his principles...

    A principle is something an individual set for himself/herself; while MORALS is something that tend to be decided be society or another "higher command".

    So technically, depends on which "higher command" you answer to, seeing a SP can be moral or immoral.

    In terms of society, it's immoral (because most people deem it so). In terms of religions, it's immoral (because God puts a sacred view on sex). In terms of utilitarianism, it's moral (both parties got what they want and they are both happy).

    Generally, something that both parties agreed to (without coercion) is "good" or at the very least "ok" (to both parties); however the event in question COULD affect others.

    For example, Murder for hire... That fits the "both parties in agreement" part, but it's not moral because someone else is affected in a negative way.

    Escorting... that's harder to determine because we are not sure HOW society is affected. Do societies, in which prosititution is outlawed, have better values than societies such as our own?

    Edit: What's funny is how people understand "principleS" and "moralS" but they have problem grasping "logicS".
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    Thumbs down Principles and Morals but who's?

    Principles and Morals are really an invention of the Churches and Governments to keep people behaving in a predictable and controllable way. That is why they vary greatly depending on your religion or place of residence.

    The only major source of Morals is the Bible and it has few rules. It says you should not kill, or steal, and not much about details like sex and alcohol. If Jesus thought alcohol was as bad as most religions think, then why as his first recorded miracle did he make 5 more jugs after they already drank the first 5 at a wedding. Sounds like he approved of their drinking and having fun. I assume once everyone was quite drunk, that there must have been some fooling around among the younger guests. The next thing he did was go to the temple and bankers and turn their tables over, accusing them of taking advantage of the poor with high interest rates. If the crowd had not been so much on his side they would have arrested him right there and then - Cool dude.

    After reading the facts directly, the only rule in the Bible is that you should respect everyone and hurt no one. I can personally attest that none of the girls I ever met in the hobby were hurt, and from the natural juices, heat and contractions, I would say most had a good time.

    I stand my high moral ground - Love one another - Jesus rules

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    yeah, but would you tell your mom, wife or your pastor.... hey I fucked a prostitute last night and it was just for fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elizabeth
    I say most people because, like me, there are some who are sometimes too honest for their own good. I was naive enough to say openly (not to my family, fortunately!) I was a companion and that was not a good idea at all.

    Some things, you need to keep to yourself. And that`s ok.
    It all depends how open minded your friends / family are, but sometimes you just need to share some stuff with someone, and/or stop hiding... Some members of my family know I hobbied, and it`s been accepted. I wouldn`t say that to anyone though! But being a companion is not the same thing as being a client, it carries a much heavier stigma in public opinion.

    Une belle femme est celle qu'on remarque... Une femme charmante est celle par qui on est remarqué...

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    Lol, not trying to justify myself or anything, but I don't think what I am doing is either immoral or wrong. Sex is a basic human need and not to mention fun, so I have no clue why it is so hush, hush and tabu in general! Before Christianity imposed the set of "moral values" people were much more free to express themselves sexually, just look at antic Rom or anywhere else for that matter!

    I am not hurting a girl or forcing her to do squat, so whats wrong with paying her to have some healthy exercise ? It is a worlds oldest profession, so grow up America!!!
    To me it is much more immoral to lead girls on in the bars, promise them the world etc. just to get them in bed and having them later regret it. Also people hooking girls on drugs, alcohol, beating their wifes, taking their money, making them feel inadequate, those are the scumbags and losers in my eyes.
    Besides, life is to short not to enjoy it to the fullest!!!

    Just so you know I am not a hypocrite, when I have a child one day and he turns 17en, I am bringing him to Montreal to have as much fun as he wants, as long as he gets the best grades in his class!!! (Cause unlike his sexual activities, school does matter a lot!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daringly
    I myself think that you can have principles and indulge in the hobby.

    1. Are you honest and decent in your everyday life.

    2. When it comes to the hobby how do you treat the ladies when they are with you. Even though you are paying for sex do you treat the ladies with kindness and respect. In other words are you as decent with them as you are with people in your life. No reason not to be.

    I think that you can participate in the hobby and still be a decent person. Although i do agree it is not something i am going to share with my next door neighbour. I think the majority of decent people have things they keep to themselves.
    I agree with what Daringly wrote. I'd go even further and say that you can be a moral person and engage in the hobby. If you do so are you perfect - I should say not, but despite what some say and write, morality can be and often is situational.

    It is a peculiarity of British, Canadian and American society, reflecting peculiarities of English and Scottish church history, that sexual peccadilloes are view as harshly as they are by most people in our societies. Certainly our Lord was far more concerned (and far harsher in his condemnation) with the exploitation of the poor and hypocrisy than he was with sexuality.

    I should also add that for myself I'm speaking of those who are not married or in other committed relationships.
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