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Thread: The "belle province" sexy waitress

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    Question The "belle province" sexy waitress


    I was wondering if anybody know the waitress/cashier at the Belle Province on Ste-Catherine, corner of St-Laurent, close to the Kingdom strip club, etc. She seems to work daytime during the week. Saw her a couple times in the afternoon. Seems pretty, nice curves, really big round boobs in tight shirt, etc... I don't plan to stalk her, just curious to know if by chance she could be working in the industry. Write a PM if you know. Never saw that kind of girl elsewhere!

    I've read the rules but i'm not sure if this is considered "personnal info".


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    Hi Ludooo

    There's half a dozen restaurents offering breakfast in Montreal with nude or topless girls.
    Maybe you should go around and look for them if you're hungry.

    Used to be a lot more but many closed down in the past 5 years or so.

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    I beg to differ. There were 4 or 5 such restaurants in Montreal about 5 years ago. For the time being, there is none because they were either out of business or closed down.
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    I read the opening post and nowhere did I see any intent to discuss Montréal's sexy restaurants.

    Back to topic please.


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